Grand Rapids, MI




Rockford has been a construction partner for Beacon Hill at Eastgate (formerly Michigan Christian Home) since the early 2000s. Over the last two decades, our organizations have worked together to add and renovate more than 500,000 sq. ft. for the retirement community.

Rockford’s most recent project for Beacon Hill was a 29,000-sq. ft. expansion of the skilled nursing space. “The expanded independent residences will help Beacon Hill meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality senior living services and our new Community House demonstrates the investment we have made toward serving the greater community,” says Jeff Huegli, CEO of Beacon Hill. In total, the skilled nursing expansion adds 29 beds to the community. The expansion is part of Beacon Hill’s mission to cater to the changing needs of its residents. As a continuing care community, Beacon Hill offers a variety of residency types to accommodate an aging population. Residents can transition from independent living to onsite assisted-living, skilled-nursing, rehabilitation, and/or dementia care

At Beacon Hill, each of these residence types is similar in stunning aesthetic and quality. However, from a construction perspective the spaces are quite different. One of the biggest differences between these varied spaces is the level of health-related amenities available to residents, which is why – more and more – we see the healthcare and multi-unit markets working together in this effort. As is evident at Beacon Hill, the combination of these two specialties creates comfortable and convenient senior-living communities with healthcare and hospitality at the core.

"The new space furthers our commitment to providing safe, accessible spaces that engage seniors in an active and fulfilling retirement lifestyle."

Jeff Huegli, CEO of Beacon Hill